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Our standard products are simple to use and easy to install. With automated fulfillment, and clear pricing, implementation can be done same-day.


All products include:

  • Installation Manual

  • Training Video

  • User Manual

  • Regular updates

UnBender Pro

Bent components are an excellent way to reduce manufacturing costs. Laser cutting requires a flattened part, which can be difficult or time consuming to create.

UnBender Pro automatically flattens weldment parts.


Nester is a light-weight stock nesting calculator. Nester optimizes cut-lists read from Solidworks, generating PDF and excel reports.

Property Wizard

Property Wizard is a collection of Solidworks tools for data management. Duplicate assemblies, Export to excel, Import from Excel, and copy between Solidworks files.

Free Add-ins

SmartBench Software provides a limited number of free CAD addins. Give our software services a try at no cost!

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