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Onshape Automation

Custom FeatureScripts

Custom Integrated Applications

FeatureScript vs Onshape API?

When it comes to Onshape Automation, a common question is when to use FeatureScript vs the Onshape API? The simplest answer is that FeatureScript is used to generate geometry in models, while the API is used for everything else. Most API solutions will also include some FeatureScript work, but with SmartBench Software, you don't need to worry about the difference. With my expertise, I can recommend the right solution for any problem.

Boost Design Productivity with FeatureScript

Simplify complex or difficult designs with a single feature, saving time and money.
Custom features can be used to add consistency to the design process, or simplify a process that is too tedious for manual effort.

With Onshape's easy to use document sharing system, I can develop Custom Features inside your own Onshape documents, with your own test data. No need for installation or deployment. Development is fast and easy.

Save Time, Reduce Errors, and Solve Problems
With Integrated Applications

Unleash the full power of the Onshape API with an integrated application. 

Common solutions include:

- Mass exporting design files to create packages for manufacturing. Solutions can include automated upload to destinations such as dropbox, onedrive, or network drives

- Integrating Onshape with Sales platforms in order to generate accurate quotes

- Automating tedious drawings

White Glove Solutions, Training, and More

No matter the level of service required, SmartBench Software is there to help. I am able to work with internal development teams, provide training and consulting, and even offer full white glove service for fully developed and deployed solutions.

Reach out today for a
and find out how SmartBench Software can help you
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