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How to Add a Custom Feature

You've found to perfect custom feature, and you want to use it in a part studio. How you do get it on your toolbar?

First step: Open the document containing the feature

Next, find the Add Custom Features button in the top left of the document, in the pop-up select the feature (if there are multiple in the document).

How to use my new custom feature?

Inside of your part studio, Look for the drop down menu left of the Search Tools. Find your new custom feature, and add it to your part studio, just as you would any other feature.

Alternatively, you can also type the name of the feature into the Search Tools bar.

How to update a custom feature?

Features with the little blue circle indicate that there is a new version of the linked document. To update the feature to the new version, right click the feature and select update, and then click update all.

Now, it is important to note that updating the feature in the toolbar does not update the feature in the feature tree. In order to update specific instances of a feature, you will need to go through the update process for each feature in the tree.

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