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Engineering data management is difficult and time consuming.

Small mistakes can lead to wasted hours.

Keeping data consistent, useful, and up to date can be more effort than an engineering team has available.


Property Wizard is a collection of data management tools for Solidworks.

With a wide variety of tools, Property Wizard is sure to save you time, effort, and at least a few headaches.

Duplicate Assembly

Copy all files in an assembly to a new directory, rename all files, and replace components in the assemblies.

Copy to File

Copy properties from one Solidworks file to many files. Useful for standardizing file properties. Support assemblies, drawings, and parts. Copy properties, values, or formulas. Formulas are automatically adjusted to the destination file.

Export To Excel

Export Solidworks file properties to Excel or CSV files. Export property names, values, or formulas. Export a single part, or an entire assembly.

Non-custom property fields are available for file path, filename, and quantity.

Copy From Excel

Import custom properties from excel or CSV files into Solidworks custom properties or configuration properties.


Not sure if Property Wizard is for you? We're happy to answer any questions you have. We listen to your feedback, and are constantly improving our products to meet our customers needs.

Use Cases

Use Property Wizard For:

  • Generating custom BOMs

  • Templates for commonly customized assemblies

  • Standardize design file metadata

  • Quickly fix design mistakes

  • and more

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