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Free Add-ins

To download any of the addins below, please submit your email address. You will be directed to the downloads page where you may download any of the free addins.

For custom addin development, visit the Services page to learn more.


All addins currently configured for Revit 2020.

For older versions of Revit, contact

Quick Number

Quick Number is a Revit tool for quickly and easily  renumbering elements.

Launch Quick Number from add-ins > QuickNumber > Renumber. Enter in your number sequence and selection method. Click Start and then select the first item in the sequence. When you're done, click the Stop button in the toolbar.

Numbering sequences are locked to items of the same category and in the current view.

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Quick Search

Quick Search is a tool for finding objects quickly in Revit.

Entering in a search term will display any Revit objects that contain the search term in their name, type, or parameter values. 

Double clicking any searched item will cause Revit to zoom in on it.

Launch Quick Search from the add-ins > Quick Search panel in Revit.

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Warning for delete Sheet in Autodesk Revit

When a sheet is about to be deleted, a pop-up will ask for confirmation. Add-in can be turned on and off with a toggle in the Addins tab.


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Delete Report - Preview Elements selected for deletion

When elements are selected and the "delete" button is hit, a dialog shows you which items are about to be deleted. You are given the option to select which items will be deleted.

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Duplicate Sheet

This utility allows you to duplicate the selected sheet.

Select the Viewsheet in Revit and hit the "duplicate sheet" button in add-ins > Duplicate sheet.

All parameters and view are duplicated with the sheet.

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When working with assemblies, It can be annoying to track down exactly where specific files are. WhereAmI is a quick shortcut to show all the files in an assembly and exactly where their source file is.


Simply double click to open the location.

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